About the Event

Join a cadre of professionals transforming their organisations using Action Learning.

Foundations Workshop

Prerequisite: an interest in real-life problem solving and leadership development with a desire to take action to solve urgent and important problems within your organisation.

Participant Exit Profile: experience action learning process; know the key principles, practices, power and benefits of Action Learning; know how Action Learning develops high performing teams and leaders, handles group dynamics and contributes to organisational change

CALC1 Workshop

Prerequisite: completed Foundations Workshop within the last year; an urgent and significant problem within your organisation for which you have responsibility and authority to take action.

Participant Exit Profile: increased proficiency as an Action Learning Team Coach; know the principles, practices, power and benefits of Action Learning Coaching in single session mode; know elements and style of WIAL Coaching.

CALC2 Workshop

Prerequisite: completed Foundations and CALC1 Workshops; initiated an Action Learning project within an organisation.

Participant Exit Profile: greater proficiency as an Action Learning Team Coach; know the principles, practices, power and benefits of Action Learning Coaching for multiple session Action Learning; know basics of setting up and marketing an Action Learning programme.

Meet Our Facilitators

Dr. Michael Marquardt

The workshops will be led by the WIAL’s founder, Dr. Michael Marquardt, who is also Professor of Human Resource Development …

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Mr. Verieux Mourillon

Mr Verieux Mourillon is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), a Certified Action Learning Coach …

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Our Workshops

Our workshops are hands-on to give you the confidence to effect change in your organisation. The fees listed below will cover all the workshop materials. Please note that participants are responsible for airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, meals and incidental expenses for the duration of the workshop. Please complete the application form available on the link below or sent to you in a separate email and submit no later than Wednesday, 13 April 2016. All payments should be paid by 20 April 2016.


USD $750

  • 25 – 26 April



  • 25 – 26 April


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